Erin Kelly, Ph.D.

Erin Kelly, Ph.D.

Department affiliations: 

Visiting Project Scientist, Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, UCLA

Research Associate, University of Southern California, School of Social Work

Mailing address: 

UCLA Center for Social Medicine and the Humanities

B7-435, Semel Institute
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1759

Research interest: 

Integrated health care and treatment of serious mental illness; institutional responses to violence; contemporary public mental health policy

Research Overview:

Erin Kelly received her PhD from the Department of Psychology and Social Behavior at UC Irvine in 2012.  During her graduate career, she focused on how various public institutions dealt with mental illness and violence in the community (e.g., domestic violence) and within institutions (e.g., prisons and mental hospitals).  

Over the course of her post-doctoral studies, she has studied the development of bottom-up strategies for improving the health and quality of life for those with serious mental illnesses and policy enactment of top-down strategies. She recently tested whether those with mental illnesses, in conjunction with a peer health navigator intervention, can leverage a personal health record to improve their communication with medical and mental health providers.  In the future, she hopes to continue to work on policies and interventions that are designed to improve treatment for mental illness in the community and in secured settings.  

Selected Publications:

Meldrum, M., Kelly, E., Calderon, R., Brekke, J., & Braslow, J. (2016).Implementation status of Assisted Outpatient Treatment programs: A national survey. Psychiatric Services, 67(6), 630–635. 

Kelly, E., Fenwick, K., Brekke, J., & Novaco, R. (2016). Well-being and safety among inpatient psychiatric staff: The impact of conflict, assault, and stress reactivity. Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research, 43(5), 703-716.

Kelly, E., Davis, L., & Brekke, J. (2015). PBRN Findings: Integrated care for individuals with serious mental illnesses. Psychiatric Services, 66, 1253. 

Kelly, E., Kiger, H., Gaba, R., Pancake, L., Murch, L., Pilon, D., Knox, L., Meyer, M., & Brekke, J. (2015). The Recovery-Oriented Care Collaborative: A practice-based research network to improve care for people with serious mental illnesses. Psychiatric Services, 66, 1132-1134.  

Kelly, E., Subica, A., Fugliniti, A., Brekke, J., & Novaco, R. (2015). A cross sectional survey of factors related to inpatient assault of staff in a forensic psychiatric hospital. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 71(5), 1110-1122. 

Kelly, E., Fenwick, K., Barr, N., Cohen, H., & Brekke, J. (2014). A systemic review of the evidence for self-management health care models for the seriously mentally ill. Psychiatric Services, 65(11), 1300-1310.