Where's the Evidence? A Challenge to Psychiatric Authority

Project Data


Vince Boehm of Wilmington, DE, psychiatric survivor on Delaware Developmental Disabilities Council

Krista Erickson of Chicago, psychiatric survivor and cross-disability advocate

David Gonzalez of Brooklyn, psychiatric survivor and mental health counselor

Hiromi Sayama of Riverside, CA, psychiatric survivor and activist

David Oaks of Eugene, OR, psychiatric survivor and executive director, Mind Freedom International

Mickey Weinberg of Pasadena, retired social worker

A Challenge to Psychiatric Authority

In the summer of 2003, six activists challenged the psychiatric establishment with a month of protest activities in Pasadena, California.  They challenged the American Psychiatric Association, the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill and the Office of the US Surgeon General to present scientific evidence of the biological basis of mental illness and the effectiveness of psychoactive drugs in its treatment.  To dramatize their challenge, they participated in a three-week fast, sponsored a panel discussion by supportive scientists and engaged in multiple media contacts.  They never received a formal response to their challenge.  This is their story.

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